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Open Collaboration Needs Scaffolding

Schiff’s 2006 article in The New Yorker about Wikipedia quotes Larry Sanger, a former worker and contributor to the collaborative website. Sanger quit because, according to the article, ‘“Wikipedia has gone from a nearly perfect anarchy to an anarchy with … Continue reading

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The Right to be Forgotten Relies on the Individual

The “Right to be Forgotten” is only the start to what is bound to be a long and complicated chapter in the history of the internet. The European Union ruling is not absolute, and as we continue to move through … Continue reading

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Combating the “Google Takeover”

The internet is humankind’s third technological revolution in language—with writing and the printing press preceding it. Critics of this modern technology have come out of the woodwork, and in a cruel twist of fate we read their essays via the … Continue reading

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My Take on our Information Society

This blog prompt is pretty “heavy,” but I’ll give it the old college try. “Information Society” to me is reflected in the three prevailing technologies: smartphones, laptops, and the internet. The first two devices give us access to the largest, … Continue reading

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